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Dangerous games with the spirits in the teaser horror game Apparition

“Apparition” from Fat Dog Games is a horror game in first person where the main character, the goal is to document the manifestation of a paranormal entity in the woods of North Carolina. The player has a full set necessary for the job tools – often at the last time to appear in horror films Ouija the Ouija Board, video camera (here to say Hello to the series “Outlast”!), well, the candle in the appendage for maintaining the creepy atmosphere.

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And called the hero of spirits, meanwhile, are not just harmless, the curtains sway or rattle of dishes, and with all your soul (pardon the pun) intend to do with the protagonist of something bad in retaliation for the broken peace. In the teaser one of these enemies even breaks out the front door – a pretty hairy scene!

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The development of the “Apparition” can be followed on her personal page in Steam, and the game will be released in the second quarter of 2018. Take note.

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