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Dancing around the “drop” Kozak

Танцы вокруг «капли» Козака

Very curious about “our” leaders responsible for the public purse. What are we talking about? So here’s what.
The former Minister or assistant Medvedev about the debts of Ukraine said that 2.9 billion — “a drop in the ocean”. If IT’s a drop, there was another DROP, but today the forgotten — $ 3 billion with interest granted to Yanukovych, the year he was President of the country, received money in debt, and since it’s all “drops”, it turns out that these figures may look sort of sowers bonds of “12 chairs” by Ilf and Petrov, and in the terminology of the Kozak — raspuskaet and all the “sea”. So to say a drop there, a drop here… and we need these drops to fill, by raising all sorts of additional taxes and fees…

However, these figures comfortably. I suppose that a lot of people in the country could say — give me a drop from your “drops”.
So comrades, do not wait right Russian capitalism, it will always be this way — take away the means of those who are in the “trough feed”, that is, they know all the delights of the bourgeois state — they are the owners. And do not assume that somewhere in the West or the East, all well and good, honestly. As an example, carmaker BMW overstated their data on the number of vehicles sold, also overestimated the number of sold — Fiat (these events are mentioned in the “Economy” of TV channel “Russia 24”, 20-th number Dec). And about the East — let me remind you about the head of Nissan, arrested Carlos Ghosn. Further, the company Olimpus — dismissed Michael Woodford published data fraud in the accounting Department of the company. Kobe Steele — fictitious data for metal products. Nissan is not far behind from European automotive companies BMW, Volkswagen on levels of exhaust emission.

So if you want you can of course to justify it all, and you can look at it a sober look. But the findings still do and you the reader, because it to say the belief in “proper capitalism” promoted everywhere in the Russian Federation and these myths are deposited in the brains of the population of Russia and not only. So want to be cheated — be. Do not want, then don’t support such “hefty smart” spender upstairs. Ignore their suggestions on various issues and areas of life.

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Material: — Kozak called the payment of Ukraine’s $2.9 billion “a drop in the ocean”

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