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Dancer without legs Evgeny Smirnov opened a dancing school for children with disabilities

30-year-old Evgeny Smirnov lost a leg in an accident. A terrible accident changed the life of a dancer, but the young man did not despair and continued to do what he likes. In 2015, Eugene with his partner, namesake Daria Smirnova, took part in the show “Dancing” on the channel TNT.

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The jury members are Miguel, Olga Buzova and Yegor Druzhinin was amazed at the abilities of the dancer and unconditionally missed a few in the next round. Soon, however, Smirnov refused to participate in the show in favor of his partner.

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Eugene continued to dance and this year decided to try their hand at a show of the First channel “Minute of glory”. The dancer had no idea that his speech will be the cause of the scandal. The fact that the jury Renata Litvinova and Vladimir Pozner spoke harshly against Yevgeny. Litvinov called the young man “amputee” and offered to “fasten” the second leg. Many collapsed on the judges criticism. In the end, Posner and Litvinov apologized to the dancer, but Eugene chose to leave the project.

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Smirnov recently opened an exclusive dancing school for children with disabilities. In honor of this event 13 April at a Moscow restaurant held a charity concert entitled “Dance of destiny”. To support Eugene came Anastasia Stotskaya, Angelica and others.

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