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“Dance of the little swans” performed by the tractors blew up the Network

"Танец маленьких лебедей" в исполнении тракторов взорвал Сеть On the birthday of the Minsk tractor plant (MTZ) tractors performed the dance of the little swans.

Video of this show, recorded during the festive events have already appeared on YouTube. “Dancing” tractors for about 20 minutes, performing not only classical ballet, but also a number of Belarusian music.

So, one room was set under the composition of the Belarusian group “Pesnyary” “Yas konyushinu Mowed”. The show took place with the support of professional dancers. Tractors well before the show “dressed”, adorning their straw hats and wreaths. Turned out bright music-dance show, which had to appeal to the guests of the festival.

The audience present at the occasion, noted that it was one of the highlights of the show rooms. And now the dance video of the MTZ can be seen in YouTube.

Tractor, drove the tractor, note that the rehearsal of the dance of tractors in music took place daily for the last two weeks. After all, it was necessary to 7 tractors synchronously moved on the area, while periodically beside them danced and people.

Users in the comments have noted that happy with the achievements of MTW. First and foremost, the Belarusians are proud that their country produces such equipment.

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