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Dana Borisova said that her force hold a methadone clinic


After mom Dana Borisova told about her drug addiction, the TV presenter was sent to rehab in Thailand. Recently Dana has been in contact by Skype with the Studio program “Let them talk”. Borisov said that he had recognized his illness and is ready to fight it. The blonde said that were satisfied with the progress of her treatment.

However, after the show aired, the information appeared that Dana is actually not so nice to be in the clinic. Asking the phone of one of the patients, Borisova contacted the journalists of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” and said that more can not be in rehab.

“Don’t give me to leave. Phone selected. Come up with something” begs star. The presenter also said that she took the passport. Friends Borisova claim that actually she’s fine, just now it is difficult to cope with them.

By the way, the clinic where Dana has a unique approach to treatment. All patients live in a Villa on the ocean. Borisov visits personal psychologist, also star can go for a massage, yoga and herbal medicine.

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