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Dan Balan told why he is still single

Dan Balan рассказал, почему он все еще холостой The singer admitted that he had never experienced true love.

Popular singer with a world name Dan Balan, which this year took the coach’s chair in the vocal show “Golos Krainy” frankly told him why still not married.

The artist recently, on 6 February, celebrated a birthday, he turned 40 years old. Age, which for a musician was a kind of transition period.

“Well, it’s not just a birthday – 100%. I now begin to understand why, in order to take part in the presidential race, you must be 40 years. Because really, in 40 years something flipped in the minds of men, at least,” said the singer.

The actor said that he has changed value.

“Really, you begin to feel what’s real and what’s fake. We all know about family values, friendship, true love. We’ve all heard since childhood that the most important thing. But when you’re 16 and no one likes you, and the girl that like pushed you off and then you have trauma. And then if the other girl you fell in love with you cling to it, your ego is happy, you are convinced that this is happiness. But it is not happiness, just your ego bloomed in a time when you wanted to, for example, the best girl in school,” said Balan.

The man admitted that now he realized that he still didn’t feel great true love.

“I saw the others I read in books, how will the woman man to raise to incredible heights, to inspire so powerfully, to make it much more powerful to this tandem had amazing power. But I have never had it before. I had autonomy. Energetico I itself went through life, he developed. Those women who had – it was all a satisfaction of their own ego. Beautiful, interesting, they were supertensile, but there was one that would be here she came and I’m flying. I knew that this is not happening,” admitted the contractor.

However, the musician said that he never met such a woman, because until they deserve it.

“I had to understand many things, to renounce the mud around that was in my life to deserve such a woman. I really hope I’m on the right track,” said the actor.

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