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Damon Lindelof started working on the TV series “the Guardians”

Well-known writer (and part-time and producer) Damon Lindelof officially involved in developing the series “the Keepers” (Watchmen) for HBO. Talking about it went a long time, the Area of the Horrors reported about the upcoming collaboration with Lindelof TV in June. However, the author then anything to confirm not in a hurry, claiming that talks with the channel is not leading. Now it is done. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Start of work on teleadapter “Guardians” Lindelof said post in Instagram. He posted a photo of a kind of meeting room or negotiation, but the focus there is the statue of the Night Owl with the inscription “In gratitude”. In the original graphic novel and the film adaptation by Zack Snyder this thing played a role. Lindelof added to the post signed “the first Day”.

“Watchmen” by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons is considered one of the major works of the world of comics. This is a dark and intelligent story about an alternate reality where superheroes live side by side with people. Vivid characters, a cool visual component, pressing social issues – all very cool. By the way, the film Snyder’s great managed to convey the mood of the graphic novel, and the whole movie turned out great. Whether in this situation another option? The issue is complex.

Lindelof is known for his work on the series “lost”, where interesting and complicated story gradually slipped into something unconvincing. On the script of “Prometheus” and not laughed just lazy. However, the series “Left behind” rehabilitated Lindelof in the public eye, so another attempt to prove himself in a large project he deserved.

Well, it is, at least, curious. Let’s see what happens at Lindelof this time. And while we await the return of Rorschach, can you pass the psycho-test in his name.

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