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Damn globe: to test the knowledge of the horror of geography

Confess, truant in school geography lessons? The ones where the teacher was forced to come to the Board and show the map of a distant country. Or worse – forced to call their capital! It was sometimes informative, sometimes fun (especially if classmates told wrong) and sometimes scary (if you didn’t study at all, and at stake is the rating for a quarter)…

Today, the Area Horror the geographical test. Let’s try to remember (or calculate at random) producers make movies. Of course, we will focus on horror and related fields. Only in the test it is necessary to recognize 25 films of varying degrees of popularity and freshness. USA or UK? Italy or Spain? Japan or South Korea? Everything seems simple, but often you can be wrong.

So, we invite you to travel around the world through the world of chinkororo. Fasten your seat belts and don’t forget to share it in the comments!

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