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Dalia Grybauskaite firmly “walked” through the policy of Russia

Даля Грибаускайте жестко "прошлась" по политике РоссииLithuanian President criticized the actions of the Russian Federation.

The President of Lithuania Dalia grybauskaitė, speaking at the UN General Assembly, dedicated his speech to the Russian aggression in Ukraine. The Russian delegation before the performance she left the room.

“Now the international community’s attention focused on North Korea and some other regions, but the same methods of blackmail, threat and aggression used by Russia in Ukraine and on the Eastern border of NATO”, — said the President of Lithuania.

In this context, she recalled the passing of the Russian-Belarusian exercises “West-2017”: “the Kremlin fulfills aggressive scenarios against their neighbors, teaching their army to attack the West. Teaching is also part of the information war, designed to sow confusion and fear. Even more worrisome is that the teachings of the “West” is just one of the symptoms of the inability of the Kremlin to overcome its hatred of the West”.

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“Again and again we do not have the courage to enforce the rules that we create ourselves. We draw red lines in the sand and then pretend they don’t exist… We must stop being passive observers and start calling a spade a spade”, said the leader of Lithuania.

“We have to change the UN. This unique universal body was created to save the world from war and instability. The goal was not achieved. Now we have a dilemma: either we give this organization a voice to speak out against abuses, or they themselves will make the organization irrelevant,” Grybauskaite concluded.

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