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Daily consumption of this product stimulates the brain

Ежедневное употребление этого продукта стимулирует мозг Scientists advise to eat Breakfast egg dishes.

For high performance brain throughout the working day knowledge workers should eat Breakfast egg dishes, not to keen on coffee, say British researchers from the University of Cambridge.

Scientists have discovered two new species of neuropetides, specific proteins, ensuring the smooth transmission of signals in the brain. It turned out that the lack of these proteins, named orexine, leads to sleepiness. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Experts from the University of Cambridge conducted a study which found that in the protein of chicken eggs contain substances that are in composition very close to Aleksino. The usual “stimulants” like coffee, tea and chocolate really stimulate the brain cells, but this effect lasts no longer than two hours. At the same time the effect of the consumption of egg whites can last much longer – until the end of the day, said the researchers.

Experts also found that sugar greatly inhibits the production by the hypothalamus orexin. Thus, scientists recommend to anyone whose work is connected with mental stress, there are scrambled eggs in the morning and drink coffee or tea without sugar.

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