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Dachshund Rogozin and rapper Husky

Такса Рогозина и рэпер Хаски

Lenin, Putin, Gagarin — three Russian name that is known worldwide. But why our business support area which is closely related to what is called spiritual scrapie?

70 percent of the heads of the largest Russian companies believe that plans to accelerate the Russian economy will not come true. It is this sprinkled gray dust of pessimism, the audience gathered at investment forum “Russia calling!”, and listened to the President, who breathed optimism and described the milk Bank, when the country will flood and river investment. I think these calls also aroused enthusiasm, and a quiet horror.

At the same time in the dungeon in the distant Krasnodar on state rations languished rapper Husky, infinitely distant from high public policy. However, it was the intervention of important people from the Kremlin allowed the rapper-troublemaker out into the wild. Rescuing Huskies from behind bars proved too tough for the Kremlin, which is not true about trying to cheer up the businessmen. Meanwhile, I also think that the Husky rapper was able to do it with his usual liveliness and spontaneity…

According to the plan Belousov, Siluanov, which discussed the summer, big business must invest a portion of their windfall profits to Finance national projects. Profits beyond doubt. Only the “LUKOIL” for example, in 2018, the profit increased twice. Selected one thousand projects to 80 trillion rubles. Considering that Russia’s GDP is 100 trillion, it is, essentially, the creation of another economy. The task is ambitious and, without investment, in this one all of the scientific school, from Friedman to Keynes, the economy’s growth will not go.

It is clear that the mass participation of oligarchs under the motto “Share it” in the national projects — the event is not voluntary. Business, with clenched teeth, subscribes to the project, which is expected to pass the state subsidies. Housing construction 30 trillion transport infrastructure 11 trillion, Arctic projects — 6 trillion. Distrust of government and unwillingness to take risks — the main features of Russian business. To withdraw capital abroad (this year set a record), even in terms of sanctions, is less risky than to invest in the Russian economy, with unpredictable rules of the game.

By the way, I’m sure the Russian moneybags from the list of “Forbes” — not businessmen, and looking over their industry. No one did business with his mind. No risk, the state did not create the matter out of nowhere. Manage all appetizing slices remains the common heritage of a great and collapsed the country. Grasp them of the wolf, a fantasy — like shoes with infusoria. The businessman is the Creator. Our business — conservatives. Investment can I expect from them is meaningless.

No wonder the almost complete absence of projects in the field of high technologies. Talk about the technological breakthrough will be empty without investments, but the business continues to rely on reserves of mineral resources and manifests indifference to the treasures of the mind. I never thought or why to start? The only exception is the projects of “Rosatom”, but it is a state company.

In those days, when I worked at an investment forum in China was announced about the birth of twins with the edited genome, which makes them immune to AIDS. The work raises questions, but the doctor is not a charlatan, was educated at Stanford University and worked in the United States. And yet, landed on Mars robot probe Insight, and the story led staying on Martian orbit for many years the companion of Mars Curiosity. In the Wake of reports billionaire Elon Musk reminded that with a probability of 70 percent in 2024, he will fly to Mars…

Began to be forgotten that in the 1960s the USSR was the leader in researches of Mars, but starting with 1990-ies, several Russian Mars expeditions ended in accidents on the distant approaches to the red planet. About the reasons of technological apathy enough has been said. Now we have instead a loud flight of the controversial word. The head of the Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, has announced that it will try to find out who went to the moon American astronauts or is it a trick of Hollywood.

Apparently, the head of “Roscosmos” doesn’t know that the USSR also landed on the moon their devices. Moreover, in those same years, when the American lunar expedition. Both the USSR and the USA were taken from the surface of the satellite samples of regolith, the lunar soil. It is completely identical samples on Earth this breed no. If Rogozin questioned the American expedition, it automatically negates the achievements of the Soviet moon Rovers. So, students and associates of the Queen — liars. I think this is the case when for the sake of a witty remark will not regret and a father. Meanwhile, the statement Rogozin interested in the Commission on pseudoscience RAS. It is possible to respond a lot earlier, when extravagant official for reasons of high science drowned in the reservoir of a harmless Dachshund. The head of “Roskosmos” may be partly to reassure that he is not alone and the bureaucratic nonsense spouted by the Starfall.

Our country calls itself the Motherland of cosmonautics. And proud of a name of Gagarin, considering it a national brand. Indeed, Lenin, Putin, Gagarin — three Russian name that is known worldwide. But why our business does not support the area that the root system is associated with what is called spiritual scrapie? Mistaken or group b-2 when he sings “you Cannot stop free to love the Motherland”? In America in the space industry are billionaires, they see in space, and generally in high technology, a tremendous profit and fantastic perspective, to urge them not necessary.

1960-e years was in our space era’s most desperate and daring projects. This is what attracts the industry’s youth and attracts the attention of the world. But for several decades, in space there are no fresh ideas. The technology is old inflexible “Unions” worked as the production of stools. However, why space should be the exception, if anywhere, reigns, archaism and conservatism? Imagination is silent — the boredom and routine. And, it seems, courage is required only for theft, which according to the chamber of accounts is in the industry at a record level.

Therefore I have a proposal to Dmitry Rogozin. Why Roskosmos to launch into space rapper Husky? You cannot call for innovation, to raise investment and to fight with the rappers. Technological modernisation is part of a huge social triptych, youth culture — its important part. Science, make and fly into space young. Rapper Husky — guy, his head under the blanket does not hide, love their homeland, cowardice is not suffering, physical fitness level, the language of the master, reports from orbit will lead. Besides, as it turned out, with ties to the Kremlin. Bolder — is solved!

Where is the money for the flight? Power after the foolish and precipitous abolition of the concerts of rappers caught on, decided grants to allocate them to the line of the Ministry of culture. Here you have the financing! There is a chance that Russian rap from orbit will add to the enthusiasm of those who are now nodding and cursed future.

Husky cooler than a Dachshund!

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