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Cygnus arrived at the International space station

Cygnus прибыл к Международной космической станцииSpace truck Cygnus docked with the ISS

Truck was launched to the station April 18.

Cygnus will spend on the ISS for three months NASA’s Space truck Cygnus Orbital ATK successfully docked to the International space station. The truck will spend on the ISS for about three months, and in July will burn in the dense layers of Earth’s atmosphere, according to NASA. Cygnus was launched from Cape Canaveral on April 18.

He was taken to the ISS 3.6 tons of cargo: food, necessities, clothing, materials for scientific experiments, including a plant for cultivation in orbit of fresh vegetables.

In may last year, NASA astronauts launched to the ISS experimental inflatable module beam, intended for the accommodation of the members of the station crew.

It is planned that tests of the beam will be carried out for at least two years. During this time the astronauts will evaluate its ability to protect from radiation, keep the temperature, as well as to resist the blows of micrometeorites, dust and other factors of the space environment.

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