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Cute underwater monsters from Katyushka Art Dolls (PHOTO)

Katyushka Art Dolls is a small Polish Studio comprised of two artists-spouses. Kasia and Jacek, Aniskevich was famous because of its magnificent dolls, a bit creepy and very touching.

And attention these guys give to the inhabitants of the seas and oceans. There is a product Katyushka Art Dolls and sharks, and seahorses, and other toothy, big-eyed creatures that you can attach to the wall like their own catch, or even put on dish, they say, look, we are going to eat… Also artists offer the option of aquarium, the most merciful, perhaps.

Prototypes of these wonderful beasts are molded of polymer clay. Then on their basis are made silicone molds, and with their help, molded dolls for sale. Each such fish Anischevici painted by hand, achieving just a stunning live effect.

And here such it turns out really cute!

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