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“Cursed monastery” quest for a true Demonologist

You know all these team games, when you wander through abandoned factories and landfills, unravel riddles, looking for clues on the ragged walls and that’s it? Thousands of them. Legion. However, today I read a detailed review of Rahim Jafarov, one of the authors of the publication Disgusting Men, on another such quest, positioning itself as “the most authentic and mystical in Moscow”, and something I was interested in. We are talking about the “Cursed monastery”.

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No, in the end, Rahim felt that this is not the most authentic, and not really a terrible representative of his sprawling. What makes him curious in this case? Answer: refinement of details. Those very small elements of the scene and create the right atmosphere, but only in the case if you get into this shit. In other words, an ordinary visitor who came to have fun, nothing but the external layer will not notice, but a true Demonologist (or nerd for all sorts of medieval mysticism) remain in the wild delight from the deep scattered here and there in subtext and Easter eggs.

We give a formal synopsis of the quest:

Not worth it to look for treasure in the basement of an abandoned monastery. No wonder the monks left this place and tried to erase the path with all the cards. Several centuries ago one of the brothers stumbled upon an ancient Tome and, yielding to the temptation of secret knowledge, called the demon. The fiend instantly subdued the accident to his will and literally possessed him. The monks managed to lock the possessed in a cage and impose on the cell seal. Everyone who was still around longer than an hour, forever lost his mind. You awoke an ancient evil, and now the fate of the world depends entirely on whether you will be able to complete the ritual of exorcism.

Or as he says Jafarov:

We were looking for the treasure was in the basement of the monastery (I think this is the most logical beginning of all existing), but instead of treasure, found hell fierce.

So in regards to the detail: let’s start with the fact that break free of Satan in hell is not an invention of the organizers and not taken from some girly soap type of “Supernatural”, it really is well-known in narrow circles of the character of ancient Christian literature, a description of which can be found in the writings of medieval demonology by Jacques Auguste Simon Collin de plancy. Along with Baal and Marbas he is one of the most powerful spirits of hell.

And this is only one of the named parts.

Unfortunately, the quest has come to an end when I realized that it’s not as easy as it seemed: the scenery, apparently, did or a Satanist, or a very knowledgeable historian (I tend to first). Print, pictures, symbols, spells, names, all tinsel, which does not cause me much interest, as it turned out, based on a very real medieval books! Within a few days after the quest I was surfing the Internet, finding certain references.

Those who did try their hand at “Cursed monastery”, Jafarov leaves tip:

If you want to appreciate the depth of history, do the following: note the date indicated on the box, note the name of the main villain, learn its special properties; read about the Salem processes; go back to the date of the chest; rock.
After these steps (which you perform one player out of thousands) quest suddenly do seem really good value.

If that does not encourage everyone to sign up for this thing, because he is not a fan of such events, but such study material is really a matter of respect. Well, or suspicion.

Maybe the organizers really serve Satan, huh?

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