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Curiosity spotted on Mars strange object

Curiosity заснял на Марсе странный объектJanuary 1, 2017, the Curiosity Rover sent to Earth another images from Mars released by NASA.

In one of the photos the UFO was able to see the mysterious object, like a piece of round marble.

Curiosity made the surface of Mars showing a small dark sphere that looks out of place amongst the familiar red dust and rocky formations.

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Some suggest that this is marble, but the more likely explanation is that this is an example of Martian ball, which was formed when the volcanoes of molten rock sprayed into the air. Black-and-white picture taken 20 December 2016, shows the same ball in the same place, although the Martian dust that seems, since coated the surrounding rocks.

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Another theory suggests that the objects were formed when groundwater flowed through porous rocks, creating chemical reactions that cause the iron minerals to transform into a small layered balls.

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