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Curiosity of the day: on the red planet saw the maple leaf

Курьез дня: на Красной планете увидели кленовый листOn Mars, UFO researcher found a major symbol of Canada.

Known in the network, as he calls himself, a “virtual meeting” George Graham argues that the recently viewed photos of the Mars Curiosity Rover and was able to identify, according to him, the suspicious object located on the surface of Mars.

As much as it may sound, but Graham claims that he had seen the structure is more reminiscent of a maple leaf.

According to “virtual UFO” in the middle of the red planet stands out unnatural white rectangle, which, if you look closely, it forms something like a maple leaf. To be a little more precise, this structure is formed directly inside of the rectangle.

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Next, Graham allowed himself to dream a little. That he succeeded can be seen in the video, but if in short, of everything he accused Canada.

“As you know, maple leaf is the main symbol of Canada. For anybody not a secret that Canada has been repeatedly ranked as one of the countries participating in the global conspiracy. Because it is likely that they have already visited Mars and have left their traces,” said Graham.

All this UFO came down to the fact that the maple leaf somehow is an affirmation of the existence of Martians.

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