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Cucumber quick diet: an effective way to lose weight quickly

Огуречная экспресс-диета: эффективный способ быстро сбросить весCucumbers are very low in calories and at the same time, useful product.

Cucumber is known to consist mainly of water.

But not out of the ordinary: this water is getting into our body, helps to release tissues that water which our body holds, that is, swelling.

Due to the easy diuretic laxative effect, the weight starts to decrease from the first day of cucumber diet. But it is important to follow a few rules:

No salt! Not only the obvious, common in the salt shaker, but hidden in sausages, meats, prepared foods… Except a little soy sauce or dried kelp, which can add some salt food.

Sugar is also not necessary – I understand why. In General, all simple carbohydrates (including white bread and white rice) should be kept to a minimum: do not forget that 1G of carbs holds in the tissues up to 4 g of water.

While it is necessary often, at least 5-6 times a day.

The menu is based on cucumber diet light protein products, as well as olive oil, vegetables and fruit. Olive oil is needed for normal functioning of the gall bladder (during strict dieting, he often starts to resent), and a list of easy protein eggs (1 piece per day), poultry (without skin and fat up to 300 g per day), veal and beef (up to 250 g per day), as well as any fish – but only boiled or steamed.

If you can’t eat meat or fish without salt, then try to eat a day not more than 2 grams (one-third teaspoon).
As for potatoes, cereals and pasta, here’s the situation. During cucumber Express diet you can eat 1 small portion of boiled potatoes or boiled whole grain cereals (not more than 250 g) – but only in the first half of the day and separately from all other products, especially meat. The same applies to pasta.

Now about the cucumbers – because at the time cucumber diet is the main product. Per day need eat 1.5 to 3 kg of young ground cucumbers, with peel. You can eat it continuously throughout the day. If a diuretic effect is too strong, buy over the counter vitamins with a high content of potassium and magnesium to insure the heart.

Well, if you turn on the menu a lot of fresh herbs and leafy salads: explicit fat-burning and anti-edematous effect, has a fresh cilantro, parsley, green Basil, green onions, young garlic, arugula salad, corn, oakleaf and chicory. Be careful with Chinese cabbage – it in large quantities may cause intestinal colic.

All greens are best to fill with salt-free sauce: olive oil, a little prepared mustard and fresh lemon juice.

Keep in mind that there are all authorised products only to 17 o’clock, pickles! In order to better survive the hungry evening, make 17-00 protein dense dinner.

Before you go on a diet, consult with a specialist.

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