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Cucumber diet: minus 5 kg per week guaranteed

Огуречная диета: минус 5 кг за неделю гарантированыNutritionists have shared valuable information about the cucumber diet which will allow you to lose weight quickly.

The harvest this year that’s drawing to a close and fresh cucumbers remain in the past. But they help to eliminate excess fluid from the body and breakdown of fats, so dieticians suggest to use this year’s last chance to lose 3-5 kg a week, leaning on the cucumbers.

Cucumbers are diet vegetable culture. 100 g of cucumber contains 16 calories, but because dieters are allowed to eat them in unlimited quantities. In cucumbers contain vitamins a and C as well as calcium, iron and magnesium, so they are mega healthy.

The most important thing is that cucumbers are more than 90% water and the rest of the useful minerals and fiber. Due to water cucumbers have diuretic properties, and thanks to the fiber – cleanse the gastrointestinal tract of toxins, fat and other food debris.

Cucumber basic rules of the diet:

1. Eat at least 5 times a day and drink 2 to 3 liters of water.

2. Each meal should include a cucumber salad with greens and sour cream.

3. Eliminate salt and sugar from the diet at least for a time diet.

4. If you eat vegetables, not more than two per day and they should be acidic – apples, oranges, grapefruits, kiwi, etc. Eat one fruit for the second Breakfast and afternoon tea.

5. For Breakfast be sure to eat 1-2 eggs with cucumbers and a lunch to eat protein foods of animal origin with a side dish of pickles, but the meat or fish needs to be diet – rabbit, beef, chicken, perch, Pollock, hake.

6. Instead of coffee and black tea drink green tea and add a slice of lemon, couple of tiny pieces of ginger root and some honey.

7. Before bedtime you can drink kefir or again to eat a serving of cucumber salad, more importantly, to the lactic acid bacteria was in the intestine and “worked” there until you sleep.

Of course, that the result of the cucumber diet has been evident in some way be stunning, you should strictly follow the rules and forget about all the other foods that you ate previously.

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