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Cthulhu Fhtagn! The game came out Lovecraft’s Untold Stories!

After a long stay in early access pixel atmospheric rogue like shooter Lovecraft’s Untold Stories from Russian developers from Blini Games is finally getting an official release.

That’s what the creators write about it:

Since the start of development after a year and half, was written several hundred thousand lines of code, painted thousands of pictures, spent countless hours game designers, writers, artists, programmers and other professionals to our project made it to e-shelves.
But the game wouldn’t be what it became if not for your constant support, advice and feedback.
The project team Lovecraft’s Untold Stories expresses to our subscribers and everyone who watched the fate of the project my gratitude! Without you it would be a completely different game.
Now our plan is to continue polishing the game to release for consoles, to release a version for mobile devices, and if the game will be well received by the players (which shows reviews and sales) to start actively thinking about the sequel.

As you might guess, the Area of Horror that I was interested in the fact that all events in it are developing in the setting of the worlds, Howard Phillips Lovecraft, and the writer himself are woven into the narrative as a character. And you can meet him wandering around dark locations inhabited hideous and powerful creatures, only one of which is dangerous for the mind of man. But first you have to choose a hero in the shoes that let you explore all those dungeons, laboratories and cemeteries. Each of them has its own story, but in short, this is detective John Murphy, the witch Elizabeth de Flech, ghoul Elliot Loss, a thief, Michelle Ritchie and Professor Clouston.

31 January-available on Steam official release version of Lovecraft’s Untold Stories. Reviews are still very positive. Well, the developers continue to listen to criticism and slowly preparing the next update, as well as ports for consoles and gamers.

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