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CS:GO matchmaking now relies on the General behaviour of the Steam

В CS:GO матчмейкинг теперь опирается на общее поведение в SteamValve has announced the launch of CS:GO the so-called “trust factor”.

Valve still fighting for the purity in the ranks of the players of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In order to cut off the malicious users from honest, the developers introduced a system Prime. But it seemed the Valve too hard, so the company has expanded the list of conditions, on which rests the game when creating the match.

In the official blog, Valve announced the launch of CS:GO the so-called “trust factor”. This system, which takes into account many different parameters: how many hours the user spent in CS:GO, how often he was accused of cheating, how much time he spends in other games in the Steam environment and more. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

According to Valve, “the trust factor” performed well on the test stages. The players brought together by using the new system, leaving fewer complaints regardless of the presence or absence of the status of the Prime. So now “the trust factor” by default apply to the entire population of CS:GO.

While Prime remains in place. Recall that the Prime status is given to those who tied a unique mobile phone number and has reached level 21 in the game. Even after the launch of the “trust factor” you can play matchmaking which is allowed solely with the status of Prime.

Valve is not going to reveal all the nuances that affect your “trust factor”. First, the system parameters change very often. Second, the company doesn’t want you to see the level of “trust” and tried to adjust to convenient values.

According to Valve, is to have a high rate of “trust”, enough to be friendly Steam user in General, and CS:GO in particular. So even if you just started to play a shooter, your “trust factor” may be positive. However, Valve said bluntly: active status Prime definitely make a measure of “trust” is better.

If you suspect that the “trust factor” is not working because of the low quality matches (or any reason), you can send a letter to the address with the theme “Trust Factor Feedback”. The text needs to describe the problem and include your SteamID. Valve claims that such reviews help improve the system.

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