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Crytek closes almost all of their studios

Crytek закрывает почти все свои студииThe management has decided to withdraw immediately from 5 studios to stay afloat.

Not so long ago employees of Crytek again sounded the alarm because the leadership of the Studio for six months may not establish a regular wage. Last week we finally got the money for October, and this, they say, will give in November.

Meanwhile, the creators of Crysis and Ryse has addressed to journalists with an official statement in which one of the founders, Avni Yerli (Avni Yerli) rather vague language to describe the situation at Crytek.

According to him, in the moment Studio “prefocused on key strengths” and plans to concentrate all production of video games in only two units in Frankfurt and in Kiev, where developers continue to work on “premium” projects.

All other studios will no longer work under Crytek, but the leadership allegedly will do everything possible to ensure “a smooth transition and stable future” for all those who have lost their jobs due to the closure of offices in Budapest (Hungary), Sofia (Bulgaria), Seoul (South Korea), Shanghai (China) and Istanbul (Turkey).

By the way, where then the firm has the money to give the same salary, you ask. If you believe the rumors, from our company that buys fritupleynaya shooter Warface and has not announced, but allegedly are in Warface 2. Crytek itself so far, however, nothing is confirmed.

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