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Crystal clear: the Place with the cleanest water on Earth. Photo

Кристальная чистота: Места с самой чистой водой на Земле. ФотоWhere you can see the crystal clear waters and enjoy the beauty of untouched nature.

The water is a mesmerizing blue waters with visibility of a few tens of meters – some reservoirs in the world still have an incredible environmental performance.

They miraculously managed to avoid the pernicious influence of civilization, for thousands and millions of years the water in them is crystal clear. Some pristine lakes and rivers of the planet are in incredibly remote places to see them, tourists must overcome the difficult path. Others, however, have long been centers of tourist life, but still manage to preserve their unique environmental indicators. All of the purest waters on the planet are incredibly beautiful and definitely deserve the attention of the most discerning travelers. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

1. Crater lake, United States

Кристальная чистота: Места с самой чистой водой на Земле. Фото

In the United States within the state of Oregon is an incredibly beautiful lake Crater, it formed in the crater of an extinct volcano. The whole world is the lake famous for the unique water deep blue, which is considered one of the cleanest in the world. According to scientists, this lake was formed more than 7.5 thousand years ago, its average depth is around 350 meters. The size of the lake is also very impressive, its length is about 9.6 km and a width of about 8 km.
This lake is one of the most profound not only in the United States, but also in North America. Several years ago, around the unique lake was formed by the national Park, which today conducted interesting excursions. The main event for travelers still climb to the crater of an extinct volcano, is the only way to see the beautiful lake with your own eyes. Recent years, a wonderful nature reserve is annually visited by about 400,000 tourists from around the world.
Crystal clear lake attracts not only curious travelers, but also ecologists, and also researchers. A few years ago a group of scientists conducted an interesting experiment. The fact that initially, no species of fish in lake Crater were not found, the environmentalists decided to settle here some species of trout and salmon. Their experiment was a complete success, today, the lake is inhabited by fish. Tourists are even allowed to fish with observance of the main condition – they must use artificial bait.

2. Lake Zyuratkul’, Russia

Кристальная чистота: Места с самой чистой водой на Земле. Фото

In Russia, among the Ural mountains is amazing lake Zyuratkul, it is situated at an altitude of 724 meters above sea level and is the highest lake in the Urals. The maximum depth of this lake is relatively small and is about 12 meters, and the area of the reservoir is 13.5 sq. km. Today the amazing lake is one of the cleanest in the world, despite the fact that the water is not transparent. She has a muddy tea hue, the reason is that a flowing into the lake the streams originate in swamps.
The area near the lake is famous not only for its natural beauties, but also historic objects. In the study, scientists have discovered several important archaeological localities, here they raised tools of primitive people, and found a giant geoglyph. For local residents, the lake Zyuratkul for hundreds of years has been sacred places associated with it many interesting legends and superstitions.
In the forests located along the shores of the lake, hundreds of years ago spent their rituals of the old believers, while walking on them and today one can find monuments carved from wood. National Park Zyuratkul excellent conditions for recreation. There are several equipped areas for camping, so in the warmer time of year, travelers can stay in these picturesque places for a few days. Here spend hundreds of different excursions, during which you can see the most significant natural attractions and unique historical areas.

3. Ponds, Piccaninnie, Australia

Кристальная чистота: Места с самой чистой водой на Земле. Фото

In Australia the reserve, Piccaninny is the same pond system, which has recently been considered a favorite spot of divers. In the system of three ponds and they have crystal clear water. However, each of these ponds has its own unique features. “First pond” is the most small, its depth is only 10 meters. Much more deep is the pond “Abyss”, its maximum depth is 100 meters. The water in this pond is crystal clear, the visibility can reach 40 meters.
The most unusual and interesting of the three ponds is considered “the Cathedral”, its depth is 35 meters. This pond was formed in the limestone grotto of education, it is the most popular with divers. Is a system of ponds in a particular swampy area, which is notable not only for its waters but also the unique vegetation and fauna. In this swampy area is home to several rare species of birds and watching them not only attracts ornithologists and tourists.
In the Park, Pickaninny there are many Hiking trails for tourists, as well as some great viewpoints from which you can admire the beautiful ponds and the surrounding landscape. National Park Piccaninny was established in 1969, its area is approximately 8.6 sq. km. Since a few years ago the ponds were open to lovers of snorkeling and scuba diving, today ecologists are particularly careful control of their purity. Those who want to swim in these pristine ponds, will need to comply with certain formalities.

4. Lake Masyuko, Japan

Кристальная чистота: Места с самой чистой водой на Земле. Фото

In Japan, on the island of Hokkaido is another crystal clear lake, Masuko. It is located in the natural reserve of the akan, from all sides the lake is surrounded by incredibly beautiful mountain ranges, covered with dense vegetation. This crystal clear lake formed in the Caldera of an active volcano, the water has a shade of saturated blue color due to the special mineral composition. Every day organised trips to the national reserve this beautiful lake is visited by hundreds of tourists.
While Hiking the mountain they will have the opportunity to see many rare plants, animals and birds, the most interesting to walk to these colorful places in the summer. However, its charms are in the vicinity of the reserve and in winter. National Park is another crater lake – Kussharo, it also has its own unique features. The thing that flows into it are some hot springs, which do not allow some areas of the lake to freeze even in winter. This feature attracts many water-loving birds, there is always winter swans whooping.
The main feature of the lake Mashuko is that it does not fall into none of the stream, and does not drain too. Researchers believe that this peculiarity of the lake allows it for hundreds of years to maintain its crystal clarity. It is also worth noting that on the territory of the reserve there are several tiny villages where you can get acquainted with the locals and to buy interesting Souvenirs.

5. Lake Bowman, USA

Кристальная чистота: Места с самой чистой водой на Земле. Фото

In the United States is an amazing lake Bowman, who also is known for its clear water. It is located in the state of Montana, on the territory of the national Park of glacier. Despite the fact that the reserve is rich in diversity of natural attractions, it is visited by very few tourists. This largely contributes to the preservation of the unique ecosystem. Bowman lake is characterized by massive scale, its length is about 11 km and a width of about 1.5 km.
This is a fabulously beautiful lake is considered one of the most transparent in the world, today the tourists are provided with all conditions for interesting leisure. They can not only walk around the reserve but also to spend a few days in a tent camp. The lake is home to many fish that tourists are allowed to catch, and in some areas of the lake you can swim.
Located on the shores of lake camping is open only in the warmer time of the year, he is well equipped. On site toilets and even showers, here take all measures to preserve the ecology of these places. Today the main features of this “resort” are local people, although in recent years the Bowman lake attracts a sufficient number of foreign travelers. To get to this beautiful lake there is no difficulty on the part of the reserve is the road.

6. Lake Seasar, Pakistan

Кристальная чистота: Места с самой чистой водой на Земле. Фото

In the Northern part of Pakistan, within the national Park Deosai is a fabulously beautiful lake Seasar. The popular tourist destination it has gained thanks to its crystal clear water, for hundreds of years this lake remains one of the purest waters on the planet. The maximum depth of this lake is 40 meters, with a length of 2.3 km, width 1.8 km. This lake is located in a very remote mountainous area at a height of 4 142 meters above sea level.
For travelers organize both on-road and Hiking tours through the nature reserve. By jeep to reach remote mountain area in just a few hours, while the hike is usually at least two days. For nature lovers it is best to stroll through the reserve on foot, there are a few dedicated areas where you can put a camp.
The best time to visit the beautiful lake and walking in the reserve is the period from early June to late September, this time surrounding the lake plateau covered carpet of bright colors. One of the main inhabitants of these picturesque places are butterflies, there are a few dozen types. In November, a beautiful valley and the lake hides beneath its layer of snow completely melts it until may. In the cold season tours of the reserve is not carried out.

7. Peyto Lake, Canada

Кристальная чистота: Места с самой чистой водой на Земле. Фото

In Canada one of the purest lakes is to be found in Banff national Park here is world famous Peyto lake. This lake is incredibly beautiful foothill area, its area is about 5.3 square km. In length the lake stretches for 2.8 km and its average width is only 800 metres away. The first is the wonderful lake found traveler bill Peyto, in honor of its discoverer, the lake got its name.
One of the main features of the lake is its unusual shape, if you look at it from a bird’s eye view, it resembles a huge head of a wolf. The water in the lake has an intense turquoise color that also attracts attention. Every year the lake is replenished by water from the nearby glaciers. Mountain streams bring with them into the lake of tiny particles of minerals that make water color is so unusual. Now on the lake for tourists as there are several comfortable lodges, where you can relax for a few days and enjoy the natural splendor.
Particularly attracted to these places fishing in the lake is rainbow trout, salmon, pike and other kinds of noble fish. Those who want to go fishing in this wonderful place, you should take care to purchase a license. To diversify leisure visitors to the reserve can fascinating walks along the banks of the lake there are extensive forests. Here you can see many rare animals and birds, and in summer the reserve is blooming with rare species of flowers.

8. Lake Baikal, Russia

Кристальная чистота: Места с самой чистой водой на Земле. Фото

In the South of Eastern Siberia is the world-famous landmark – lake Baikal. It is the world’s largest reservoir of fresh water and the deepest lake on the planet, its maximum depth is 1 642 meters. The area of the lake is 31.7 sq. km the Lake is interesting not only in itself, it is surrounded by unique natural landscapes. Here is home to many unique endemic animals, but you can still see a lot of rare plants.
Lake Baikal is of tectonic origin, it is considered one of the cleanest in the world and is home to valuable fish species. One of the main features of water is its high oxygen content, whereas the amount of mineral matter is very small. Lake Baikal is one of the coldest in the world, the temperature of the water in it even in the summer months does not rise above a mark of +8 degrees Celsius.
One of the main outstanding issues associated with the lake, the theory of its origin. According to scientists, its formation was provoked by tectonic activity, age of the lake is not less than 25 million years. Of great interest to researchers are the inhabitants of the lake, there are more than 2 600 species. More than half of the aquatic inhabitants are endemic and cannot be found in any other reservoir in the world. One of the most important environmental problems of lake Baikal are wastewater. Into the lake flows into many rivers, the water in some of them contaminated with industrial waste.

9. Moraine Lake, Canada

Кристальная чистота: Места с самой чистой водой на Земле. Фото

In Canada there is a famous glacial moraine lake, it is located in the Banff national Park. This lake is quite small, its area is only 500 square metres and the maximum depth is 14 meters. However, the beauty of this lake is difficult to find equal. The discoverer of this unique natural attractions was the Explorer Walter Wilcox. When he discovered this lake, never admire them for half an hour. Later, in their manuscripts, scientist noted that it was the happiest half hour of his life.
This lake is located in a very inaccessible mountainous region, so for a long time about its existence no one knew. The water in the lake, which in the period of melting of glaciers from year to year fills it, has a rich sapphire shade. From the surrounding mountain ranges, the lake looks fantastic. The best time to visit the lake is considered to be June, at this time, the peak melting of glaciers, the lake reaches its maximum size.
Visit moraine lake travelers can only in the period from may to September, all the rest of the year, the mountain road is closed for security purposes. To reach the lake easily by car, the nearest large settlement is the city of calgary. Recent years, the lake conduct guided tours, tourist route Shuttle bus. Half an hour’s drive from the lake is a small mountain village, as part of the tour will also be very interesting.

10. Jenny lake, United States

Кристальная чистота: Места с самой чистой водой на Земле. Фото

In the northwestern part of Wyoming is Jenny lake, today it is part of the national Park of Grand-Triton. This lake also has a glacial origin, it is situated at an altitude of over 2,000 metres above sea level. According to assumptions of researchers, the lake was formed about 12,000 years ago, its maximum depth is 129 meters, and the area is approximately 482 sq. km. Despite the fact that this lake is one of the cleanest in the world, it allowed the movement in motor boats, which is being used by not only researchers, but also tourists.
The main route, formed on the shores of the lake, bears the name of Jenny lake trail, tours are conducted not only in daytime but also at night. Nearby is a beautiful Cascade canyon, which is also an important attraction of these places. The name of the lake is a very interesting story. In 1872 the lake was one of the first large expedition groups, the head of which was the Englishman Richard Lee. This beautiful lake was later named after his wife Jenny.
Another attractive feature of the pond is the variety of species of fish, a few years ago, there was allowed the fishing industry. Biggest catch of fishermen is trout to go fishing, you need to obtain a special license. To travel to these places tourists are allowed only when accompanied by guides, among the inhabitants of the nearby woods a lot of wild animals are found here and the bears. Like many years ago, today the national Park attracts hunters, and here’s a favorite with climbers.

11. Lake Pukaki, New Zealand

Кристальная чистота: Места с самой чистой водой на Земле. Фото

In New Zealand, too many wonderful lakes worthy of the attention of tourists. One should look for in the South island, there is a beautiful lake Pukaki. It is a lake of glacial origin, it became known to the whole world the intense blue color of the water, which, among other things, is also incredibly clean. The lake area is 178,7 sq km, it is located at an altitude of over 500 meters above sea level. This fabulously beautiful pond in length stretched for 15 km, and its width is about 8 km.
Several years ago, the lake Pukaki was part of a larger hydropower system, the experts have taken care to ensure that such use of the reservoir does not affect its environmental performance. For local residents the emergence of a hydraulic node has become a real breakthrough, thanks to the lake they finally got stable electricity.
Not everyone knows that original glacial lake was quite small, its maximum depth was not more than 25 meters. When in 40-ies of the last century began to build a hydraulic station, the volume of the lake was substantially increased. Initially, the center of the lake was a small island that the expansion of the scale of the reservoir was flooded. Water in the glacial lake is always very cold, so swimming in its crystal clear water dare not all. Even in high summer its temperature is not more than + 7 degrees Celsius. The local residents have with the lake is associated with many beautiful legends, the name it received in honor of one of the mythical warriors.

12. Lake Tahoe, USA

Кристальная чистота: Места с самой чистой водой на Земле. Фото

California is an amazing freshwater lake Tahoe, it is located in the scenic foothill region of the Sierra Nevada. The lake is well known to tourists in the immediate vicinity is home to several popular ski resorts. Lake Tahoe is the second in the ranking of the deepest lakes in the USA, its average depth is 305 meters, and the area has about 495 sq km and among the most beautiful lakes in the world Tahoe is one of the most easily accessible, around the perimeter of the reservoir are the major road.
Formed a lake in geological fault of the earth crust about 3 million years ago. Today, a huge interest is not only the lake water, fantastic sky blue colour, but also its surrounding pine forest. Here you can see many rare species of pine and fir, as well as rare species of shrubs and herbs. Opened the lake relatively recently, in 1844, its discoverer is Lieutenant John Fremont.
He explored the mountain areas in search of the river, and found an incredibly beautiful lake, which after a few years, were examined by scientists from around the world. Most tourists began to visit these places after 1960, when one of the local resorts in the winter Olympics took place. From those times there remained a great tourist infrastructure, today near the lake there are comfortable hotels, and even here there are many ski slopes of different difficulty levels. It will be interesting to relax and for Hiking at any time of the year near the lake and spend a fascinating tour.

13. Blue lake, New Zealand

Кристальная чистота: Места с самой чистой водой на Земле. Фото

One of the cleanest and most unusual lakes on the planet with a complicated name Rotomairewhenua is located in New Zealand translated from the Maori language the name means “Blue lake”. It is a miniature freshwater lake is located within the national nature reserve Nelson, it is part of a complex system of lakes. Detailed research of the reservoir, environmentalists began only in 2011, they accidentally discovered that the water in the lake is extremely clean.
Visibility can reach 80 meters. From year to year, the lake is fed water from the nearby glaciers. Flowing down from mountain peaks, it passes through many natural rocks, which act as a natural filter. Largely because of its purity, the water in the lake is an amazing shade which during the day varies from deep blue to bright purple.
One of the first specialists who have shown interest in the lake, was a hydrologist Rob Merrilees. After admiring the crystal clear water, travelers should definitely take a stroll through the surrounding body of water forests and mountain ranges. Near the lake there are no tourism facilities to meet here travelers can rarely. The main visitors to these picturesque places are researchers and environmentalists, not so long ago, in the Wake of a major study of water in Blue lake they equated on properties and quality to distilled water.

14. River Petermann, Greenland

Кристальная чистота: Места с самой чистой водой на Земле. Фото

Amazing purity of water affect some rivers. A great example is the river Petermann, located in Greenland, a wide range of travelers it is known under the unofficial name of the Blue river. The location of the river is the glacier, which in summer melts and forms many small streams. They all converge into a single river, which has a rich blue hue.
Incredibly beautiful and clean river is a huge threat to global environment. In recent years, the Petermann glacier has started to melt four times faster, which contributes to a significant increase in the level of ocean water. According to the forecasts of researchers in the coming years, the glacier will melt even more rapidly, which may lead to serious environmental disasters. Meanwhile, the crystal-clear river is of great interest to scientists. They can evaluate the composition of glacial waters, which was in a frozen state for millions of years.
Ordinary travelers to this remote corner of the world with an incredibly harsh climate to get very difficult, it can be done only together with organized expeditionary groups. Now environmentalists are trying to take all possible measures to minimise inflow to the world ocean melt water of the glacier. In the coming years, it may lose up to 100 square kilometers of ice, that amount of melted water would be enough to 10 years to provide a major metropolis.

15. The Weddell Sea, Antarctica

Кристальная чистота: Места с самой чистой водой на Земле. Фото

Off the coast of West Antarctica and its lovely lake Weddell, which is also among the cleanest waters on the planet. Its name it bears in honor of the discoverer John. Weddell, who conducted an expedition through these parts in 1832. The sea area of 2 900 000 sq km and its maximum depth reaches 6800 meters. In addition to the incredibly beautiful waters of the heavenly shade of the sea has a huge number of ice floes that float in it year round.
It is a beautiful clear sea has become home to thousands of aquatic residents, it is home to an abundant population of whales, seals and fish, and typical inhabitants of these places are the penguins. Today the Weddell sea is considered the cleanest in the world. The last major study of its water was held in 1986, the average visibility was estimated at 79 meters, which corresponds to distilled water.
To swim in this sea are solved far not all the research groups, not to mention ordinary tourists, a huge threat to the courts are drifting ice. With the North sea due to many natural and physical phenomena. The water in it never freezes, despite the fact that its temperature can reach -25 degrees Celsius. The Weddell sea is the coldest and the cleanest sea on the planet. To see it with my own eyes, travellers must be part of one of the research expeditions, but this harsh sea they are sent very rarely.

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