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Criminals suffering losses due to the coronavirus.

Криминалитет терпит убытки из-за коронавируса.

“Thieves in law are elderly, at risk. Many have isolated themselves”

Criminals suffering losses due to the coronavirus. Drug dealers and prostitutes come in a simple

Pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 and the quarantine restrictions imposed by the authorities, given the non-obvious effect: in jeopardy a wide range of criminal businesses. Drug dealers, prostitutes, beggars in the prevailing conditions prefer to leave the withdrawal and to suspend the work. Criminal business suffers because of declining demand amid falling income citizens begin to save money on illegal activities. For those that are involved in the drug trade seriously increased risks: the closures have reduced drug trafficking, but because of the fall of citizens ‘ mobility work skladchikov was much more noticeable. Thieves as the most age group was at risk and isolated themselves. As the criminal world is undergoing quarantine at

The party is over. Drugs also

Platform in DarkNet selling drugs recently are full of reports about security measures and the isolation of participants in illegal trading networks in terms of the epidemic of the coronavirus.

“At the moment there is a regime of isolation. On the streets increased the number of patrols, ordinary citizens just one. The majority of Kleimenov (skladchikov — now I sit at home. Shops (Internet platform for the drug trade- do recommend to do it. Some stated that the vacation and the quarantine will only commence after pretty badass only [drug stock] to the end. Don’t quite understand this decision, as still no one to buy. Therefore, observe all safety rules and do not go outside. This applies not only to employees. The situation has become serious now and self-isolation required,” wrote recently, one of the drug dealers, whose network is working in the Urals. He also announced a break in its activities.



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One of the biggest online stores through which sell drugs DarkNet, has recently circulated a memo to his couriers and consumers. The first recommended “work gently” and “to stay home” because “on the streets few people and a lot of nasty types who carry out inspections”. Consumers are recommended to adhere to the rules of hygiene when eating (“forget for a time about the use of notes for intranasal use”) and to purchase goods for the future. That the larger the weight of the confiscated drug users have lead to more serious criminal liability, the letter is not specified.

Another online store claims that one of the best-selling drug “has the antigens to the virus” (which, of course, complete nonsense).

Note: categorically does not recommend readers to purchase and consume any drugs. We remind you that drug trafficking in the Russian Federation is forbidden by law and severely punished.

Close to the criminal world of the Sverdlovsk region source says that due to the closure of borders (especially with Kazakhstan) significantly reduced the traffic in opiates, including heroin and hashish coming from Afghanistan and Central Asia. It also confirms the message from the DarkNet mediators middling and zagladkina, which EN masse to the isolation: “In the empty city as they are now an eyesore. To copy them easier, and many are already aware of. The huckster have to recruit new skladchikov. Breeding ground for them now is unemployed youth. Look carefully — the entire center is covered with graffiti job”.

Statistics on committed crimes and their disclosure in March in a press-Ministry of internal Affairs in Yekaterinburg refused to name. However, a knowledgeable interlocutor of the edition in law enforcement agencies of the region said that the reduction of crimes in the sphere of drug trafficking is not yet fixed.

Криминалитет терпит убытки из-за коронавируса.C the disappearance of the parties the demand for club drugs dramatically сократился

“Traffic and if declined, then not much. The stream that ran through the Kazakh border, according to our statistics, is not more than 20%. The remaining 80% is local production, mainly synthetics. Chemistry for it in features as we went [across the border], and so it goes. Well, maybe the channels had a little rebuild. According to our data, they even one legitimate email services are trying to use. Plus there are warehouses with chemicals, them for a while for local laboratories will be enough. The grass is generally adapted to grow in the home”, — says the interlocutor.

The number skladchikov, in his opinion, if reduced, then not so rapidly as could be desired authorities. “Everyone who starts to do it, thinks he is the smartest and never get caught. Plus they used to live in Grand style, and to give up their habits is not so easy. Now we capture what they’re trying to change the schema of bookmarks. For example, change running time. This is usually from 9:00 to 10:00. Even now, in terms of quarantine, during this time, the traffic on the streets and the chance that the cops veselko car Cladina less,” says the strongman.

However, he noted that with the entry into force of the epidemiological limitations in the region recorded a decrease of drug use: “From 50 to 70% in consumption is not drug-addicted persons. Mostly young people hanging out, boys and girls who are already familiar enough entertainment, alcohol or sex. But now the party is over, everyone is afraid to get infected from each other [cov] and sit at home. Well, that money comes to an end, also affects”.

“The customer ordered social distancing sex. I had to agree”

Roughly the same circumstances now reduced the demand for prostitutes. As a consequence, decreases price and lowers the desire of girls to go to work in the context of the epidemic. “Yet it was far from us, in China, they were not perceived as [acute]. Very came role-playing game. Type, nurse and patient, well, and [all that kind of stuff]. Now that everyone had seen the news from Europe and Moscow, it became clear that this is not a joke. Many girls are afraid to work. To catch the coronavirus fear even more than “genericco” (a venereal disease — some. He’s on a par with HIV stood still,” said the pimp Sergei. Your name the man asked not to specify, he himself referred to as “Manager”.

Some of his girls already refused to go on shift. “One went excuses that the child with whom to leave. The other critical days began immediately. The third and now the house husband and her fawn to go to work. And there is [a lot],” — continued Sergei. He believes if the outbreak lasts longer than a month, his girls back to work — “to eat something in any case”. So far no sanctions (at least in words) against them are not taken.

Криминалитет терпит убытки из-за коронавируса.Customers and prostitutes began to fear each other, coronavirus stood on one level with ВИЧBeckerBredel via www.imago-image/

According to Sergei, customers now also afraid of catching through contact with the girls coronavirus. And to keep at least some flow of orders (which has fallen over the past few weeks twice), we have “transfer price”. “If earlier the average bill for three hours with a call girl came up to 5-7 thousand rubles, now dropped to 4 thousand rubles. But such orders was [too little]. The main demand for the hour, and then try to dress up the price to 1 thousand rubles. Although the rate for the city is 1.5 thousand rubles, a minimum of 1.2 thousand rubles for regular customers,” — says the “Manager” of sex services.

Recently, according to him, one of the most advanced customers ordered “social distancing sex”, “Girl had to work in protective suit with slits at the right places, a respirator and special glasses. The client met her in the same outfit. For the money, like, not hurt, had to agree to it in the future]”.

Tolerance to the staff, however, now is different, not all players in the business of sexual services. Yesterday telegram-channel “Lamp” published a screenshot of a message sent out by the administrator of one of the Ekaterinburg sex-shops his subordinates on WhatsApp. “Colleagues, we are working in a difficult time and labour must be discipline in the army. Those who want to work, and they have profits (some salary for March is above 400 thousand). Who doesn’t want to. Go to the forest, competition for space is very high, — said in the message. — We are not a government organization, a brothel with a high level of profitability. If PMS or no one with whom to leave the child — a fine of 10 thousand rubles, and dismissal”.

To comment on this issue in the most erotic salon failed. Source in the criminal world, says that the message seems to be true. His goal — threats and promises to motivate the staff to continue to work and bring at least some profit to the owners, as well as those who “protects the institution.”

“Who will serve?”

To go to the isolation and decided part of professional beggars. After Federal authorities declared a day off of the week, and the yesterday’s decision of the Sverdlovsk Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev, to strengthen measures for the isolation of citizens ‘ income, this category has fallen to virtually zero.

Криминалитет терпит убытки из-за коронавируса.People become afraid to have contact with the poor, and then the pedestrian and disappeared from the streets. To stand with an outstretched hand left немногие

“Work has only just [desperate]. What’s the point, who will serve? People on the streets virtually none on the roads and drivers even Windows is now afraid to open! We men decided for a month or two to rent a house somewhere in the Black sea. Relax — fly, so to speak. To fulfill the mandate of the President!” Bravo told one of the beggars operating in the area of the Bypass road.

It Was Presented By The Novel. According to him, is professionally engaged in begging for the second decade. Life is not complaining to go to work, bought with the income of the Korean crossover Kia. To collect money, pretending to be lost in the battles for the Motherland legs crippled (which is not true, legs, it just cleverly hides). Part of them go “into the common Fund for the roof.” Another part — to the “grease” is particularly corrosive of the police, and then trying to expel beggars from their homes.

The novel States that “roof” to the current situation, treated with understanding — “all in God’s hands”. Back to the point the beggar waiting for after everything is back to normal. “In any case, all are on the phone. As all kipezh will be back,” he added.

“Many thieves have chosen to go to the isolation”

Close to the criminal world source Znа argues that their level of profitability still maintain the informal street Parking, and “lost income” due to the overlap of the buyouts and the Lombards: “the People have suffered quietly from home. Someone’s technique lays, someone gold. Someone on the food, but the majority on the booze”. He believes that maintaining the current state of Affairs in a month or two and even in Ekaterinburg should expect a surge of crimes. “Now the mass is removed the wheels from the machines. Then begin to vyhladavat non-performing offices, traders. Climb in the suburbs and in collective gardens and summer house. Will carry Tsvetmet”, — said the source.

According to another source, in this environment, thieves and looking across regions, which occupy the highest level in the hierarchy of the Russian criminal underworld, until some special way do not react to the situation. “Many of the thieves themselves at that age. They are at risk [for coronavirus] and understand everything. In the same way as other people, yet they chose to go to the isolation. All other matters aside”, —

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