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Creepy urban legend in a new documentary about the Man-moth

One of the most mysterious urban legends of the United States will be the main theme of a new documentary film Seth Breedlove “Mothman of point pleasant”. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Mothman is a creature that was reported in the 1960-ies in West Virginia. This flying monster with glowing red eyes chased cars traveling on night highway. The story would not be so famous if it were not for this phenomenon, a very impressive number of eyewitnesses over a period of 13 months on collision with the monster said about 100 people. The messages stopped after the tragedy – 15 Dec 1967 in point pleasant collapsed Silver bridge, crash victims of which were 46 residents. Hence the talk of when the appearance of the mysterious cryptid with the incident on the Ohio river.

The legend of the weight gained in popularity in 2002, when Director mark a shot the Thriller “the Mothman” with Richard Gere in the title role. Moreover, in point pleasant even was installed monument to winged creature – the locals are very proud of their supernatural neighbor.

The Director of the documentary, Seth Breedlove, already talked about the monsters from urban legends in your previous works, among which we can highlight the “Monster of Whitehall” and “Monster of boggy Creek”. The new film covers the main events associated with the emergence of the Man-moth, light and modern investigation of this mysterious story. The network is available trailer for a future documentary.

In November 1966 in West Virginia was first seen creepy creature later dubbed Mothman and turned into a real urban legend. About meeting flying monster with glowing red eyes again and again reported the drivers of the town of point pleasant. Little more than a year of Mothman continued to appear at night the roads until it disappeared at the same time with a terrible tragedy occurred in the city. Who was he – invention of local inhabitants or a grim harbinger of impending doom?

“Mothman of point pleasant” will be available for viewing on platforms Vimeo OnDemand, Amazon and iTunes on 2 June.

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