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Creepy tentacles: photo of a natural phenomenon in the Arabian sea

Жуткие щупальца: фото природного феномена в Аравийском мореA NASA satellite has photographed a rare phenomenon of Sunglint in the Arabian sea.

Photos taken by satellite Terra satellite, owned by NASA, has already spread all over the world. Internet technologies allow to do it instantly.

But the shots scared a huge part of the unprepared audience.

The shots clearly seen the giant tentacles of an unknown monster, as if rising to the surface Arabian sea. What is it? Anything but a marine animal, laughed skeptics.

And the specialists of the space Agency reported that sometimes faced with things like this. This is a rare phenomenon called Sunglint, they say. No tentacles or other large objects in the sea, actually, no. Just shooting happened at the same angle under which the earth was falling sunlight.

As a result, most of the sun’s rays reflected off the water and did not hit the camera lens. Camera photographed a dark spot, which in reality was not. But in the middle of the frame formed a bright band, which is also characteristic of the phenomenon of Sunglint.

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