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Creepy hitchhiker from “Texas chainsaw massacre” in 1974 was a toy

The company NECA has announced a new figurine, the prototype of which was the character from the original film “the Texas chainsaw massacre” in 1974, directed by Tobe Hooper.

As you guessed, we are talking not about a Leather face, and in the first picture, he is not the most frightening villain. So in the form of toys this time will appear another member of the family Sawyer. During the film his name is not disclosed, and in the script it was called simply the hitchhiker (Hitchhiker). A man sits in a car with characters, creepy laughs, carries some nonsense, taking pictures and playing with the razor. In short, soon, the young people understand that nothing is handed this psycho a helping hand. The scene ends with blood and expel the Passenger from the van. Well, closer to the finale it turns out that the guy is a member of frostbitten on his head family of cannibals, and nothing to the good guys is not a promise.

Bright, really mad the way the Companion was brought to life by Vietnam veteran Edwin Neil. Interestingly, last week, we have remembered about it when metal band Warbeast parodied a scene from “Texas chainsaw massacre”, and for this 72-year-old actor returned to his old role.

In the announcement of the NECA visible only the upper part of the figure of the Companion, but it is clear that it is executed perfectly. Collectors can start start salivating.

Below, for comparison I attached a photo of the old toys with Chop-Top. This so-called villain in “Texas chainsaw massacre 2”, where he was played by bill Moseley. Well, standing next to himself and leatherface.

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