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Creative introduced the sound card the size of a finger and other novelties

Company Creative held in Moscow the presentation, where presented new interesting products: speaker system USB powered Creative Pebble Plus, headphones Creative SXFI AIR, TWS-headphones and external sound card the size of a finger.

Creative Pebble Plus is made in the form factor of 2.1 and allocated a new separate subwoofer, advanced bass, with a diameter of 4 inches. Two-inch membranes, responsible for the MIDs, angled at 45 degrees for optimal sound propagation. Thanks to its minimalist design, Creative Pebble Plus is perfect for any workplace. Now no need to search individual socket to work the system enough the USB port of the computer. You can also switch the system to High Gain mode to increase the power of sound without any loss in quality. The source is connected via 3.5 mm line-in Jack, and all controls are placed on the front panel of one of the speakers. Creative Pebble Plus will be available in July at a price of 3990 rubles.

Headphones SXFI AIR and SXFI AIR C support SXFI. Movies, music and games will sound completely different headphones in this series: a single key will take you to a real live concert or immerse yourself in the heart of the events of the film, and will work with the PS4, Nintendo Switch the Mac and the PC will give an unforgettable experience in games. The sound is played through a 50 mm neodymium driver.

SXFI AIR can work via Bluetooth and USB, and also as a standalone music player, reading files MP3, WMA, WAV and FLAC files from microSD cards. The control is performed via a sensor located on one of the cups: to switch tracks and adjust the volume, you can flick through it. SXFI AIR woven ear cushions made of memory foam, is conveniently located on the head. They breathe and dissipate heat. For fans of light effects, headphones have custom rings with an RGB backlight. Price SXFI AIR 18990 RUB.

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Model SXFI AIR C – is a gaming USB headset entry level, but with Super X-Fi. It has no Bluetooth support, touch control and card reader. The headset is equipped detachable microphone ClearComms configured for maximum natural voice and excellent communication between team members or friends. MIC you can buy and headset SXFI AIR. SXFI AIR C is already available at a price of 14990 RUB.

The most interesting product was the sound card with the revolutionary technology of super audio holography Creative SXFI AMP the size of a finger. The device connects to the PC with the USB Type-C or of adapters. Built-in chip, Super X-Fi UltraDSP handles-clear digital audio received via USB according to your profile. Then, the digital audio is converted to analog using the DAC quality is high definition and enhanced built-in amplifier. After the sound goes to headphones via a 3.5 mm Jack. The amplifier is able to “shake” any headphones up to Studio with a resistance of 600 Ohms. It also uses a separate 128dB hi-end DAC AKM 32-bit high definition. It provides maximum clarity and top quality sound quality up to 120dB SNR, and 0.0003% THD, which is higher than most of the more expensive headphone amplifiers on the market. SXFI AMP is made in an attractive aluminum casing, making it not only compact, but also sturdy.

“Super X-Fi changes the experience from using headphones. Sound artists describe it as “stunning”, “magical”, “amazing” and “great sounding”. In addition, she has won many awards. Pretty cool, considering that it was only after some demos of the technology of holographic audio. Super X-Fi is not just some kind of 3D sound. It’s much, much more. Think of the magic of holography, but the sound and for headphones. And now she’s finally here,” says the SIM Won hoo, CEO of Creative.

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How does the new technology? Imagine that, wearing headphones, you hear the sound in your head, as if listening to an expensive multi-channel audio system, feeling all its depth, volume and realism. It is like holography, only sound in headphones. Everyone hears the world differently. Super X-Fi uses artificial intelligence to collect information about the individual shape of the ears and head, and then, using sophisticated calculation algorithm, produces fine-tuning of sound for each person, so it doesn’t sound differed from what one hears in reality. The price SXFI AMP 17990 RUB.

The long awaited new steel TWS-Air headphones Creative Outlier, combining wireless freedom, long working time and is traditionally a great sound. Battery provides 10 hours of playback on a single charge with the ability to recharge twice from the case, which gives a total of 30 hours of battery life. High sensitivity membrane with a diameter of 5.6 mm made of graphene and is optimized for outstanding sound quality, giving a detailed top and rich low frequencies without distortion and vibration.

Chipset Qualcomm QCC302x more efficiently keeps in touch and supports aptX audio technology Qualcomm and Qualcomm TrueWireless Stereo Plus. Support Bluetooth 5.0 provides high speed transmission of audio data at a lower power consumption. Thanks to the certification IPX5, Creative Outlier Air suitable for both the travelers and the athletes. Headphones will be available in August at a price of 7990 rubles, and a sports version with wristband-case 8490 rubles.

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