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Created unique Nadvirna button for disinfecting hands

Создана уникальная надверная кнопка для дезинфекции рукSince ancient times, the spread of germs through contact with common surfaces is a serious problem.

Although with the development of personal hygiene such contacts become a little safer, anyway, no one is immune from the opportunity to earn disease, for example, opening the door to the supermarket.

Specially for such situations has developed a line of anti-bacterial door buttons.

Button Surfaceskins earned — you only need to press it with your palm and squeeze for a special antibacterial hand gel, which prodezinfitsirovat hand. At the same time, for greater effect, Surfaceskins need to be placed directly on the door, in the place where you have a push with his hand to the man with a 90 percent guarantee pressed the button.

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