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Created the world’s first phone running without battery

Создан первый в мире телефон, работающий без аккумулятораAt the University of Washington in Seattle (USA) researchers have developed a cell phone that extracts energy from the environment, which allows it to operate without a battery at all.

Americans have developed a cell phone there is no battery at all. He works for a small amount of energy from the air.

This device works on the principle of reflection of radio waves of communication. At the same time on this phone for communication use analog, not digital opportunities for communication.

Previously, the team of inventors at the University of Washington in Seattle developed “singing poster” and “passive Wi-Fi system” based on the technology of “backscatter”.

“Conversion of analog human speech into digital signals consumes a lot of energy. If you can communicate using analog technology, you are actually more energy efficient,” explained a developer phone without a battery Vamsi Talla.

He also added that invented the design for the phone, based on the devices used by Soviet spies during the cold war, for example, devices that could only be activated by radio waves of a certain frequency.

The experimental device uses an unlicensed frequency, is designed for wireless communication using transmitters of low power. As new cellular device uses these signals to generate energy, while it only works in a radius of 15 metres from the station.

To start this technology in commercial production, it is necessary to build such circuits in the equipment of cell towers. “The existing towers used a lot of energy, this will increase the range of the new technology up to one kilometer”, — said V. Tull.

A new telephony device is imperfect, the author recognizes that. For example, while the user has to press the button to switch from listening mode to the talking mode, as if he was talking on the radio.

Создан первый в мире телефон, работающий без аккумулятора

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