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Created the first artificial quantum “life”

Создана первая искусственная квантовая «жизнь»Units were programmed for reproduction.

Scientists from the University of the Basque Country has created a simulation of life on a quantum computer. The results confirmed the earlier model and opened up new areas for further studies.

The creation of artificial life on the computer has been the subject of many experiments, but modern software often has a classical, Newtonian approach to such models by providing step-by-step logical progression. We know that the real world adds a bit of “kvantovoi” to the mix: a strange phenomena taking place at micro levels and macro levels. In a new study described in the journal Scientific Reports, scientists have tried to apply the same unpredictability to computer simulation.

In other words, the simulation is no longer limited to ones and zeros. Now they can be random, such as those that happen in daily life. This, in turn, opens up a new area to explore.

“The goal of the proposed model reproduction of the characteristic processes of Darwinian evolution, adapted to the language of quantum algorithms and quantum computing,” write the researchers from the University of the Basque Country in Spain.

With the help of a quantum computer QX4 IBM scientists have encoded a quantum unit of life, consisting of two qubits: one represents the genotype (genetic code passed down through the generations), the other phenotype (the external manifestation of this code, or “body”).

These units were programmed for reproduction, mutation, development, and death using a partial involvement like real living beings. Random changes are brings by means of the rotations of quantum States, for example, to simulate mutations.

The good news is that a quantum computing coincided with the theoretical models developed by the team in 2015. Of course, we are still far from being able to answer the most difficult questions about life, the Universe and everything, but study shows that it is possible in principle.

The model is also consistent with the study previously published by this same team, in which natural selection, learning and memory were simulated in theoretical quantum model. Now, the theory made its first steps inside this quantum computer.

“The question of whether the origin of life is indeed quantum mechanical in nature, we left open – the scientists explain. – We have shown that microscopic quantum system can effectively encrypt quantum characteristics and biological behavior, normally associated with living systems and natural selection.”

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