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Created genetically modified parasitic wasps

Созданы генетически модифицированные паразитические осыThey changed the DNA responsible for the pigmentation of the eye.

University of California researchers using CRISPR/Cas9 has created a genetically modified parasitic wasps Nasonia vitripennis. They changed the DNA responsible for the pigmentation of the eye. Preprint of the study is available at the disposal “of the”.

CRISPR/Cas9 — complex molecules in bacteria, which can cut into the cell of the foreign DNA in a particular place, deactivating her. Scientists use a modified analogue of the complex for editing genomes. Cas9 acts like a pair of scissors, and drink, connecting with a nucleic acid according to the principle of complementarity specifies the squirrel area, in which you need to make the gap.

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Scientists have created a CRISPR-cassette that encoded the molecular “scissors” to cut DNA in a gene called cinnabar. In recent mutation disrupts the function of the enzyme responsible for the production of the brown pigment eyes. The cassette was introduced into the cells of the embryo wasps cleavage stage of a fertilized egg. drnk thus contacted the exons (protein coding sections of the gene).

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Crossing of genetically modified insects, the researchers showed that the artificial mutation is retained by their offspring.

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