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Created fire extinguisher for battery smartphones

Создан огнетушитель для батарей смартфоновThe mini device is suitable for lithium batteries.

Scientists at Stanford University have developed a mini-fire extinguisher, designed for batteries of smartphones.

As noted by the creators, prompted them to create a fire extinguisher numerous incidents with the sensational smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 7. As noted, the fire of the batteries occurred because of their compact size combined with massive capacity.

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The heating of the battery, in turn, provoked the ignition of the liquid electrolyte.

It is noteworthy that the extinguishers do not need to carry separately, it is expected that they will be able to build in gadgets. It is also expected that the device will operate 0.5 seconds after the onset of fire.

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Scientists believe that their invention will be important not only for mobile devices (like smartphones or tablets), but also for electric cars, and even airplanes.

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