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Created by stimulating the brain headset

Создана стимулирующая мозг гарнитураUsed voltage less than 20 volts.

Humm startup has developed a headset of the same name, which are said to stimulate the brain to weak electric discharges, increasing the ability to learn and remember information. For this you need to wear a headset for fifteen minutes prior to the start of work requiring mental effort.

The developers say that the effect lasts at least one hour and increases resistance to stress. In a startup, said that the technology is based on non-invasive brain stimulation that have been studied for twenty years. Also talks about its security.

According to CEO Ian MacIntyre uses a voltage less than 20 volts and current 2 ampere, which is a hundred times below the natural tension in the brain.

He also said that the system for ten to twenty percent increases memorization, but it does not give negative side effects that have caffeine and neurostimulators.

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