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Created by 13-foot robot snake to study Fukushima

Создан 13-метровый робот-змея для исследования АЭС «Фукусима»In the ruins of the power unit will start the robot.

Toshiba engineers together with specialists from the International research Institute for decommissioning of nuclear facilities has developed a robot that resembles a 13-metre-long metal snake.

The study of the reactor with a robot will start in the next year.

The robot was created in order to help in the study of high-level radioactive block Fukushima Unit 2, the degree of damage of which is still unknown — perhaps there were still traces of the radioactive melts.

Reporters noted that the robot looks like a telescopic tube with a panoramic camera on the end and resembles the selfie stick. The robot will move inside the hermetic shell of the reactor using a radio-controlled drone.

Complete cleanup and demolition of damaged radioactive Fukushima unit Unit 2 is expected to take at least three decades. Previous attempts to examine the damaged Fukushima led to the fact that many robots were destroyed by radiation.

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