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Created an Android application that is able to extend the “life” of the smartphone

Создано Android-приложение, способное продлить "жизнь" смартфонаDozens of OEMs regularly undertake all kinds of solutions to enhance time of Autonomous operation of mobile devices.

Often this is either a hardware intervention, or functional limitation.

Scientists at the University of Waterloo found software the option of extending the life of the smartphone from a single charge cycle of the battery.They have developed an Android app capable, though slightly, but to increase the autonomy of smartphones.

Development scientists is the distribution of the backlight depending on the currently open application.

In the moment when you’re working with one window, the brightness of the other decreases. For it is not so important interface elements.

The study found out that greater autonomy ranges from 10% to 25%.

Alas, the development of scientists is relevant only for smartphones with OLED displays and is useless for LCD-matrix.While the application is at the stage of active testing and is not available for download.

Scientists hope that Google will take this option to optimize the consumption of the battery in a future version of Android.

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