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Created an alcoholic beverage which is useful for health

Создан алкогольный напиток, который полезен для здоровья Scientists have invented a healthy beer

Scientists from Singapore have created healthy beer by adding in its composition of probiotics – substances of microbial origin that neutralize toxins and viruses and regulate the immune system.

“Beneficial health properties of probiotics have long been known, moreover, in many of the products subjected to fermentation contained so-called good bacteria. But these substances have not been added to such a popular product as beer,” – said the project author, student of the fourth year Alcini Chan .

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She also added that they had to face several problems, chief of which was the content in beer hop acids, which prevent the growth and survival of probiotics.

However, as a result of the experiments, which lasted about 9 months, the scientists were able to increase and maintain the viability of the probiotic strain.

“In this development was applied to bacteria of the lactic acid which to sustain uses the sugar contained in the must,” explained Chan.

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According to her, the final product is obtained with a sharp and tart taste when the alcohol content is about 3.5%. The author of the project also noted that in 100 milliliters of the new beer contains about 1 billion bacteria, such dose recommends that the international scientific Association of probiotics and prebiotics.

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