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Created a unique web to protect wounds from bacteria

Создана уникальная паутина для защиты ран от бактерийSuch material is able to solve the problem with postoperative infections.

After five years of work, scientists from Britain have found a way to create synthetic spider silk, which can be loaded with drugs.

The purpose of this silk is that they can close the wound and provide a safe healing without the possibility of infection. Such material is able to solve the problem with postoperative infections that frequently complicate the recovery, and sometimes lead to death.

The new material contains proteins that are synthesized by the bacterium E. Coli and is able to maintain its structure, thus it is possible to confer different properties.

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“Our technique allows the use of a biocompatible mono or multi-structure in a wide range of applications,” says study author Neil Thomas from the University of Nottingham: “It will be especially useful in the field of tissue engineering and Biomedicine”.

Although it may seem strange, spider silk is pretty incredible stuff when it comes to first aid. It is a biocompatible, biodegradable, protein-based material that does not cause an immune response, so no any allergies or inflammation. The team also stresses that spider silk was used by the ancient Greeks and Romans to stop bleeding from a soldier, then as an antiseptic it was used a mixture of honey and vinegar.

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The team has taken that idea and modernize it, instead of using real spider silk, they made their own by synthesizing strands of E. coli bacteria in the laboratory. Finished cobweb they managed to cover the antibacterial drug levofloxacin, it is often used to treat bacterial infections.

Now the team is facing clinical trials of the material obtained.

It is interesting that a team with such strong results formed randomly on one of the scientific sessions.

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