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Created a unique sponge for oil collection

Создана уникальная губка для сбора нефтиAmerican scientists have created a special sponge that will clean the bays from oil.

Experts claim and proved it by various experiments that this material is able to absorb the essential oil.

Besides, once the oil is collected, it can literally squeeze out of this sponge.

The creators of innovative technologies noted that the sponge can absorb approximately 90 times more weight than she weighs. This will allow much faster and safer to clean the oil space ships that crashed and spilled their products in the open ocean. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

There have been a lot of experiments with regards to the use of this sponge. Scientists cut it into plates, with a total area of six square feet and thrown into the pool, which is used for training rescuers the cleaning bays.

The experiment was conducted over several days with the same sponges. So found out that this material is reusable, and significantly simplifies the collection of oil.

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