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Created a unique hotel, the ability to move on skis

Создан уникальный отель, способный передвигаться на лыжахA novelty for tourists.

Unity with nature, freedom of movement and the comfort of the familiar in the dead of winter, and also guaranteed “the light show” — the Finns built three “cabins” on skis to chase the Northern lights.

Finally, you can get the most impressions, admiring the Northern lights amongst the snow-covered desert, quietly sipping hot tea in a warm glass house. Mobile tourist “cabins” reminiscent of a huge sledge with a glass shell. This mini-hotel you can easily move around the continent in search of a better landscape.

To achieve maximum portability of the capsule has a compact size: 2 meters in height and 2.5 in width 4.5 in length. But this does not affect their functionality. Inside are created all conditions for comfortable stay of a couple of tourists, there is a small Desk, a gas heater, two beds.

Создан уникальный отель, способный передвигаться на лыжах

However, facilities will be in the yard. In the cold. Cling to the snowmobile ski, and it — stall bathroom, which upon arrival at a place nearby. It will add an element of extreme.

To entice tourists out will help, and dinner around the campfire, the menu will be roasted on an open fire Finnish sausages of different types. Two sets of snowshoes and two pairs of skis will help you explore the area.

The idea of creating this unusual hotel and expert on Arctic travel John Coupe believes that its development will allow tourists to experience a unique experience among the silence of the Arctic plains.

Создан уникальный отель, способный передвигаться на лыжах

At the moment, a hotelier — three brand new cabins on skis, they are about 3-7 miles East from the distant settlement of Kilpisjarvi.

Drive your snowmobile will guide, he will host a dinner at the stake. But limit this menu is not necessary, because the tour package involves full Board. Running a hotel on the slopes until April, and then transported to the summer Parking, and a new season will begin in January 2019.

The surrounding area of Kilpisjarvi considered the most favorable place in Finland for watching the Northern lights. A chance to see it and no mobile hotels on the slopes exceed 70%.

Создан уникальный отель, способный передвигаться на лыжах

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