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Created a rating of the most healthy and unhealthy countries in the world

Создан рейтинг самых здоровых и нездоровых стран мира

Researchers from the University of Seattle was rated the most healthy and unhealthy countries in the world.


The sequence of countries is formed based on the adherence of sustainable development Goals adopted at the UN Summit in 2015, reports Indy100.

In particular, researchers evaluated healthy lifestyle, food security and nutrition, gender equality, security level, economic growth, employment, the fight against climate change, education, and other factors that affect the health of the nation.

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The healthiest countries in the world were Iceland, Singapore and Sweden. Followed by Andorra, the United Kingdom, Finland, Spain, Netherlands, Canada. Top ten closes Australia.

The most unhealthy country in the world – the Central African Republic, Somalia and South Sudan. Also in the top ten countries with the worst health status have hit Niger, Chad, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi, Mali, Afghanistan and Sierra Leone.

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Among 188 countries Ukraine ranked 118th place for health reasons. The factors that most deteriorate the state of health of Ukrainians who turned out to be a war, excessive alcohol use, HIV, suicide and tobacco use.

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