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Created a new 3D printer: what he’s capable of

Создан новый 3D-принтер: на что он способенThe device is made Hayden Taylor.

3D printing has changed the way people approach design of equipment, but most printers have a basic limitation: they build objects layer by layer, usually from the bottom up. New development of the University of Berkeley in California allows you to print objects at once due to the projection of the image through the container with a photosensitive resin.

Device that its creators call a Replicator make a point to create the desired object for 3D printing. Lead author Hayden Taylor (Taylor Hayden) said that the scheme is simple – projector conveys the diagram print from laptop to capacity with the resin. Most importantly, accurately compute the image of the future product in volume.

The device of Taylor recreated the object is first scanned so that it can be divided up into slices like a CT scan. Then the light is projected onto the resin and due to a series of short revs, not hundreds of individual movements when drawing, the object appears almost instantly.

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