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Created a drone that can prevent the crash

Создан дрон, способный предотвратить авиакатастрофыScientists have created a drone that prevents the crash

Birds pose a greater danger to the safe movement of aircraft. Therefore, scientists have taught the drone to drive away whole flocks of birds from airports.

The specialists of the California Institute of technology (Caltech) decided to tackle this problem and developed a new algorithm that allows one drone to take out a whole flock of birds from the airspace of the airport. The algorithm presented in the study in the framework of the IEEE Transactions on Robotics.

The project was inspired by the “Miracle on the Hudson” in 2009 when the pilots of flight US Airways 1549 Sullenberger Chesley (Chesley Sullenberger) and Jeffrey Scalzo (Jeffrey Skiles) had to make an emergency landing on water of the Hudson river in new York after takeoff the airliner Airbus A320-214 collided with a flock of canadian geese and both engines failed.drone bird”Passengers of flight 1549 were saved only because the pilots were very skilled,” said associate Professor of aerospace and Department of development and applied Sciences Caltech soon-Jo Chung (Soon-Jo Chung), and principal investigator of the project of the use of drones in the management of flocks of birds. – It made me think that next time it might end tragically. So I started to look for ways to protect the air space from birds using their research experience in the field of autonomy and robotics”.

The existing strategy for the management of airspace include changes to the surrounding space to make it less attractive for birds, the use of trained falcons or even manned drones to scare off the pack. But Mr. Chang believes that these strategies can be costly or – in the case of manually operated drones are unreliable.

Technology scientists is to manage the flock as a single organism, to change the direction of its motion, holding the bird together. In a flock each bird responds to changes in the behavior of close relatives. Therefore, the drone moves in a certain way to birds located on the edge of the pack, changed course and gave the alarm to the birds nearby.

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