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Created a computer that can see the future

Создан компьютер, который может видеть будущееAt the Technological University of Nanyang, scientists have created a special computer that can see the 16 possible scenarios by analyzing the behavior of the smallest particles.

It is noted that the computer to analyze possible options for the future uses the laws of quantum mechanics.

Scientists clarify their mechanism does not allow to calculate all the possible aspects affecting the future, but the outcome is like tossing a coin four times in a row (when you create 16 scenarios) it predicts with high precision.

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The computer encodes each of the options for the future in the form of a photon in a state of superposition, and passing thereafter through a series of sensors.

At the moment, scientists moved on to the next stage of development, predicting events without interference with higher chances for single outcome. Such a study (similar to the experience of tossing a coin inside the box) will allow the computer to calculate the impact of extraneous factors on the system.

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Their experiments, the researchers aim to improve the performance of machine-learning, which will be the basis for the creation of artificial intelligence, able to predict, in particular, the fluctuations of the stock market.

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