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Create a map of the habitat of mythical monsters

Where can I catch a unicorn? Inhabited by Bigfoot, where Bigfoot? How about a Phoenix or a dragon?

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Draft Expedia is intended to answer these questions, the most obvious way. The guys launched a virtual map of the world, which marked the dwelling place of certain characters from ancient folklore and modern urban legends.

Encyclopedia still only beginning to fill up, but it is already possible to learn something interesting. If the Loch ness monster is clear, the huge white-skinned “sea people” Ningen in the Antarctic or the werewolves of the Navajo nation can, perhaps, be of interest to visitors. By the way, the creators should advise to add to the map of the Man-moth, which soon will be a documentary film.

The funny thing about the draft Expedia is that all the texts on the website is designed as a tourist avenues. In other words, they push the reader to go to a particular point on the Earth to see the place where lives a giant snake of Yacumama, the mother of all sea creatures. Or visit the famous Transylvanian bran castle, described in “Dracula” by Bram Stoker, although the writer himself has ever been there. And indeed in the Romanian mythology, there is the classic vampire, oddly enough.

In short, if you’re guessing where to go with the whole family for the holidays and vacations, use this map. Maybe take a selfie with a Snow man?

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