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Crazy Nicolas cage is trying to kill their children (TRAILER)

Parents and children do not always find a common language, especially when talking about teenagers and the so-called transition to adulthood. Everyone was enraged – and that’s fine. But sometimes family conflicts can go beyond reason. And parents, for example, will desire to kill their offspring.

This tells the new film of Brian Taylor (“Gamer” duologue “Adrenaline”), entitled “Mom and dad” (Mom and Dad) – brutal black Comedy with hints of tapas.

The synopsis is as follows:

From the Ryan family seems perfect — my husband makes good money, beautiful wife, two children. But there are problems in any family. Daughter is a high school student stopped to chat with her mother and taking her money from her purse. The younger brother is constantly picking on his sister, parents also struggle to find a common language. Suddenly the TV began to transmit a strange signal, and all heard his parents attacking their own children. It’s time for spouses Ryan to start to work in a team and figure out the relationship the entire family.

Mobileprice Stephen king breath, isn’t it? And the plot looks suspiciously like the coolest novel by Simon Clark’s “Blood bath”. However, in these stories originality is not important. We need to see how all this is implemented.

Mom and dad play Salma Blair (dilogy “Hellboy”, “the Fog”) and the great and terrible Nicolas cage (“the Wicker man”, “season of the witch”), so the kids will have Oh how hard times. You can verify this by watching the first trailer of the painting – cheerful and amusing.

The world premiere took place on 9 September on the Toronto film festival, January 19, 2018 “Mom and dad” will go to cinemas and on VOD platforms.

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