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Craftsmen from the USA collected Tesla with his hands. Video

Умельцы из США собрали автомобиль Tesla своими руками. ВидеоUnusual machine is no different from a known original.

The task presented a few years ago drive Tesla Powerwall is providing house owners the best way to store electricity for later use, in case obschedomovoe network for any reason fails. But at a price of $ 5,500 per unit, such technology was not available to many consumers. Fortunately, in the world there are many people interested in technology and decided to create his own version of this system. This analog Powerwall can be not just more affordable, it may still be, however, and in some cases even more effective than the development of Tesla.

Your own house outlet people began to create on the basis of old recycled batteries from laptops. For the vast majority they may seem useless in view of the fact that they can’t long hold a charge. This “extravagance” of others, as well as their ingenuity was successfully used lovers of DIY. On numerous tech forums home “Kulibin” talk about how to personally put together your own Powerwall and how effective they turned out. For example, utuber Joe Williams believes that it is better to create something yourself, and not to trust some company who decided that it knows best what you need.

“I came to this idea not only because I wanted to build something on their own, but because I wanted to fully understand how will be the food of my house. This idea inspired me and I started to work,” shared Williams in an interview with Motherboard.

Block Tesla Powerwall is capable of storing up to 14 kW of electricity. But it is likely not due to the limitations of technology, but because of the greed of its creators, as is done in the home units are able to store much more electricity. For example, the forum DIYPowerwalls user under the name Glubux told that built unit, capable of accumulating up to 28 kW of electricity. Australian utuber Peter Matthews built a block that can hold up to 40 kW of electricity, which is enough in order to mounted on the roof 40 of the solar panels worked really good.

Typically, the 18650 batteries are recommended for such home systems, and they are easily identified by colored plastic covers. You can find them not just in laptops, but to create a full system will need very much, as, however, and time. However, it may be economically advantageous, as the prices of new batteries in stores can often be above $ 5 per share.

But economic benefit is not the only reason why people are now massively interested in creating their own cumulative battery. People often throw their electronics, not even pulling out the batteries, which, incidentally, can be recycled and reused.

“About 95 percent of batteries purchased in the U.S. do not give up on recycling, and are simply thrown away. However, almost any battery can be recycled and actually give it a second life as new products. That is why batteries should not be simply discarded and must be recycled” — shared with the Motherboard CEO of Call2Recycle, Carl Smith.

A new trend is proof that people are able to create what companies offer for mad money, to pay for which not everyone is ready. Of course, when creating such a home battery stations there are all sorts of risks. You must have the appropriate technical knowledge and training, necessary tools, resources, and most importantly, time. But if someone does it, so it’s really beneficial to someone.

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