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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has added a new operation

В Counter-Strike: Global Offensive добавили новую операциюThe operation was called Operation Hydra.

Valve has added the popular shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s new operation. A new event was included in the latest update for the game released on Steam.

Also was launched the so-called Hydra Events. This set of special game modes, which will change every week. Among the first modes were fast mode 2 2 Wingman, Weapons Expert, in which one type of weapon can be purchased only once in the whole match, and War Games. In the latter mode, players will be able to vote for a set of rules in the next match.

Mode War Games will be available for all the matches, as the damage only on headshots, the low gravity on maps, battles in heavy armor, the match with only a knife and a stun gun Zeus, taking damage for the mistakes and many others. Event Operation Hydra will run until September 2017, and will be free for all owners of a copy of the game on Steam.

In addition, in the latest update the developers have fixed a lot of bugs and problems CS: GO, including the quality of the sound and the performance of servers. In addition, it has been fixed the balance of some weapons, for example, UMP45, and also fixed old and added new maps to the community in different game modes. Among the new cards: Agency, Black Gold, Insertion, Austria, Lite, Thrill and Shipped.

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