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Counter-Strike 1.6 released on the engine CS: GO

Counter-Strike 1.6 выпустили на движке CS: GOAll the weapons in the Classic Offensive will consist of the old Arsenal.

At the end of December all the players of CS:GO will be able to return from Counter-Strike 1.6 with its good old Arsenal, familiar maps and character skins.

Developer mods under the name Z00L presented to the public a release trailer of its project – Counter-Strike: Classic Offensive, which converts CS:GO classic Counter-Strike 1.6.

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According to the author, his main goal was “to implement the gameplay of 1.6 on the engine, CS:GO, including the original weapons, sounds, movement and everything that the players wanted to see in Global Offensive”.

Z00L noted that he has failed to return all chips to 1.6, as, for example, tactical shield, the physics of light and smoke grenades, as well as the popular bugs.

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However, the author says that the main goal he achieved – all weapons in Classic Offensive will consist of the old Arsenal, and that is important, to it will be the same as in 1.6. Revert to the old sounds, familiar images of characters and the atmosphere of Counter-Strike ten years ago.

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