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Countdown: the stars, which with age become only more beautiful

Hollywood stars — almost fairy-tale characters: they are able not just to aging, but in some cases, even miraculously younger eyes. We all know that celebrities have the opportunity to use the services of the world’s best plastic surgeons, trainers and nutritionists, but do not stop to wonder, what are some of the stars.

Kate beckinsale (44 years)

Old photos of the actress testify that she went through all that many of us experienced 20 years of age — namely bad haircuts, the ridiculous outfits and the failed experiment with make-up. Now Kate looks more noble and sexier, than two decades ago, she’s Dating a man half her age, and believes that “age is just numbers”.

Journalists joke about Beckinsale that she was “or from another planet or from another dimension where people don’t age” because the actress looks all fresh. Skeptics, however, believe that not without plastic surgery: comparing early and new photographs of the celebrity they are talking about rhinoplasty and breast. Over his smile, Kate is also doing pretty good (in pictures 20 years ago, she rarely allows herself to smile widely because of imperfect teeth).

Elizabeth Hurley (53)

Elizabeth Hurley one of those stars who almost does not change with age. If in the 90s the actress has frequently appeared at important events in the most elegant attire and with the lack of styling, but now on any red carpet she is perfection itself. And said that hardly would wear their old clothes now — at least, that famous Versace dress with safety pins, which in 1994 provided the Hurley rise in popularity:

No, I wouldn’t that way now. I’m now a little older, so it would look kind of sad. But I like it when someone from the young and luxury star wears something like this,

— says the actress.

How to tell surrounded by Elizabeth, she is very proud of his looks and the fact that it looks much younger than most of the other girls. This confidence Hurley supports posting photos in a bikini in Instagram. They say it is not happy the son of the actress, who believes that at her age it is time to abandon the frivolous photo. The star itself is not going to hide from the world your beauty.

Jennifer Lopez (age 48)

It’s hard to believe that J. Lo in two years will celebrate 50th anniversary: star and the stage rocks harder than most of the young colleagues, and external data will be ahead of the game. Lopez — fan of a healthy lifestyle, she carefully monitors the diet and are very disciplined in terms of sports.

It is no secret that I love to dance, so my instructor Tracy Anderson’re just having a little dance workout five times a week,

— says celebrity. And this is only part of the sport mode of the singer, she had two trainers in new York and Los Angeles.

To keep the skin young star, according to her, some life hacks to help. First, it never goes in the sun without sunscreen, second, it is always good to cleanse the face before bed and after workouts, in third, uses for cleansing remedies with glycolic acid.

No alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine. All this greatly harms your skin when you get older,

— confirms the obvious j-Lo.

Halle berry (51)

The years have benefited and Halle berry, at least she no longer chooses hairstyles that she did not go. The style of the actress, too, has changed completely: her first outings, Dating from the late 80s — continuous fashion mistakes and misunderstandings.

As for the exterior, the experts believe that youth and beauty berry are partly the merit of a skilled plastic surgeon. The actress only says that in Hollywood it’s hard not to succumb to the universal desire something to pull or prick:

I won’t lie: I also felt like that, because anyone constantly all the time, it’s offering you. It’s like a drug that you’re trying to make… Aging is natural, and it is waiting for all of us. But I always want to be like itself, and those who are too much addicted to all these beauty treatments, just be very different people.

No doubt that berry, as before, a lot of work on myself and diet. The latter, however, is due to the fact that in the age of 19 she was diagnosed with diabetes. Because she refrains from flour, sweets and some other products:

I eat a lot of fresh vegetables, chicken, fish, pasta. I completely gave up red meat and limited amount of fruits because they can be a lot of sugar

says berry.

And, of course, stay in shape help her active training: according to Holly, she focuses on cardio and abdominal exercises. The results demonstrates in his Instagram.

Sandra Bullock (53)

Sandra Bullock was incredibly good in “Speed” — the film that made her a star. But the traditional “errors of youth” actress did not escape: the questionable outfits and eyebrow-strings we’ll take it to them. Today’s stylish exits Sandra’s cause much less questions, and watch her on the screen as good as in the mid-90s.

I no one was an incredible beauty, I was not a sex bomb: surprisingly, it is this fact in our industry helps to not be afraid to grow old

says Sandra.

By the way, about her appearance I agree with it not all: People magazine, for example, three years ago, declared the actress the most beautiful woman alive.

Today, Sandra continues to be one of the most highly successful Hollywood stars, journalists calculated that all of her movies (where she participated as actress and producer) grossed a total of about five billion dollars.

Helen Mirren (72)

A girl with lush tresses with the old photos we find anyone (even Alla Borisovna imagined on a couple of shots), but not Helen Mirren! By how much to change the appearance of the actress in different years, it can be assumed that she has long been in search of himself and his style. After all the agonising and experimenting with image, sometimes quite awkward, Mirren found what she really is, and became what we know it: a confident, perfectly fitting dresses and perfect her hair.

The actress says that she has no special secrets, how to look young, moreover — it has continued to discover different beauty techniques:

Recently I made my first eyebrow tattoo and is very happy. I’m tired of my brows is almost invisible, and when one of my friends tattoo done, I liked it a lot. I’ve got a tattoo, and all the same it means that when I Wake up in the morning without makeup, I at least have eyebrows. Big difference!

says Helen.


Demi Moore (55)

Another “stuck in time” star is demi Moore, who is under public scrutiny with the 80-ies. For 20 years, and the actress does not change: rouged cheeks, white smile, the figure without a single extra pounds — all of this makes Moore spectacular. Even more spectacular than many years ago: it is no secret that the “early version” of the actress is very different from what we see now. Star did a good job on himself and continues to improve. Even her daughters agree not many people can compare with their mom:

I have always compared myself to her and thought, “my mom has a smaller size jeans than me.” Every girl wants to be like mom, but I knew that could never be like her, we are all different calibers

— confided in an interview with Rumer Willis.

Demi does not like to share with the press their recipes of beauty, limited only obvious (about the importance of cleansing and moisturizing the skin, diet and training we hear from every other star). Paparazzi often caught her at clinics specializing in anti-aging procedures: for example, we learned that the actress is a fan of cryotherapy. Over hikes Moore to a plastic surgeon too, for years rumor has it, she does not confirm them.

Maybe one day I’ll go under the knife. It just annoys me that people are constantly talking about how much I spent on plastic surgery!

— complained about Moore in an interview five years ago.

Cate Blanchett (age 49)

Cate Blanchett is considered one of the most stylish movie stars, and we can’t take your eyes off her outfits on the red carpet. But it was not always so: young Kate’s sense of style, sometimes explicitly denied. As the actress says, which is removed for more than 25 years, all of Hollywood is really obsessed with looks, and it “makes you a little crazy”:

Women have a lot of pressure, they start to believe in what you have to look a certain way, or that appearance is the most important part of their identity.

Kate believes that the main thing — to look good for your age:

My philosophy is to work with what you got. Most important thing is to feel comfortable in your own body.

Blanchett does not claim that she is one of those women who never go to bed until you remove the makeup. She admits that she “lie down for a minute and Wake up at six in the morning with makeup on her face” is her story. All that remains is to clean skin thoroughly in the morning.

And look fresh and young, according to Kate, her vitamins that she takes.

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