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Count sisters – Russian trailer of the film “the Secret of the 7 sisters”

Still, Fassbender didn’t hit it behind the scenes “Alien: Covenant.” Noomi Rapace plays seven roles in the film that could be called “What happened to Monday?”, but in the end called “the Secret of the 7 sisters” (Seven Sisters). We have an official Russian trailer of the picture, and the full set of posters for her.

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In a world where couples are only allowed to have one child, born seven sisters, twins. The father decides to save everyone and give the little girls names in honor of the days of the week. So girls and appear in public every day. But once Monday is such a waste.

Recall that the Director is Tommy Wirkola (“Hunters of the witch”, “Operation “Dead snow”), and in addition to Rapace starred in the film such esteemed people as Glenn close and Willem Dafoe. The Russian premiere is scheduled for August 31, 2017.

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